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Hi! I'm Adi.

So happy to have you here!

Let me tell you a bit more about NSE, and how it all started.

I was born in New Delhi and at 17 went to study communication design in Ahmedabad. Then I worked in Mumbai for a few years before moving to New York City to study design management.

Meet Adi from Not Same, Equal.Hi, I'm Adi

After graduate school I joined corporate America where I learned to straighten my hair (much longer back then), wear synthetic pants, get comfortable with heels, and tailor my accent. I learned to adapt, but the environment emphasized appearances, and blending in wasn't easy.

New York CityNew York City - 2013

That's when I started Not Same, Equal. as a way to reclaim space and make a point. When I designed the first prototype for the Truvian soft-pant, I did it to take my own private stand against tight polyester (a byproduct of appearance culture). I wanted to de-emphasize the shape of my body and chase freedom—something versatile I could comfortably wear every day and go anywhere, in any shoe, and for a long time. That first pair was so addictive; I wore them everyday, with many shoes, living my best life.

I must have looked how I felt because people stopped me to ask where I got them so I made a few more and distributed them.

Truvian Anti Pant PrototypePrototype 321 for the Truvian Soft-Pants - Los Angeles, 2017

I realized that people were practically living in their Truvians, so I got my mom to join me and together with feedback from our early customers, we launched our first set of products in December of 2019. 

Mom & Me, India Not Same, Equal.Mom & Me - New Delhi

We went live with two versions of the Truvian soft-pants, Tip Tops to go with them, and two kinds of handloom shawls to wrap things up. A versatile set of clothes that took space, made space, and broke barriers together.

Winter Market, 2019Winter Market - Reno, 2019

We sold out of the Truvians twice in our first two years. We only used regenerative, biodegradable and socially responsible materials. Then, we sold out of our Tops, so we set up systems to launch new product categories and circle back profits. In our first two years, we circled 43% of profits back to local community initiatives. 

Claiming space for one meant we could claim it for as many as possible.

Last but not the least, we set up systems to balance any and all of our carbon emissions. At the end of two years we offset 27 metric tons (or 132 trees) worth of emissions by supporting carbon sequestration, methane capture, and renewable energy projects. 

Sales at end of year 2 NSEProduct preferences at the end of year two

What began as a means to make space for one, grew into a vehicle that makes space and shares power with everybody involved, from soil to soil.

The NSE ProcessOur operations diagram keeps us accountable

Our bodies don't make us, we make us, and while the way you make you is not the same as another, the value of our best will always be equal.

So, as we continue to create systems that make space, I hope you'll join in and celebrate the best in all of us from soil to soil.

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