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Located in Uttarakhand’s Kumaon region, Kasar Devi is 14 km north of Almora. A quiet mountain getaway, the area has a rich history of trade and barter between communities along these ancient trans-Himalayan trade routes.

In partnership with Uttarakhand’s Government, local non-profit organizations today are working to close the gap between global markets and indigenous craftsmanship. These initiatives focus on empowering women in some of the most remote Himalayan regions, providing them with training, technology, and high-quality materials building upon native knowledge and skill. A means to earn and spend money without solely relying on agriculture (a risky climate-dependent endeavor) enables the community to access better education and healthcare for their families.

Bringing together sustainable, high-quality raw materials, conscious craftsmanship, and ethical design practices create a robust social reform and economic independence vehicle that generates value for everybody involved in the community.


A portion of profits from the sale of products below is donated to local community-powered funds and relief initiatives in Kasar Devi, Uttarakhand. Learn more.

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