Our signature pair of Truvians, the world's most comfortable pair of anti-pants are handmade in small batches, each Truvian anti-pant uses exclusive, functional, and ecologically responsible materials,  inclusive production processes, and equitable supply-chains. The best pants may be no pants, but Truvians are are better! 

We offer two types of Truvians:

A sporty-chic style of joggers designed for the active. With elastic ankles, drawstring waistbands, and pockets, the Truvian 321 is ideal for when you’re focussed on a mission and nothing should stand in your way, not even a pair of pants.

A fluid pair of anti-pants designed for the fancy. With drawstring ankles, side-tie waistbands, and pockets, the Truvian 212 is ideal for when you’re feeling yourself and nothing can stand in your way, not even a pair of pants.


A portion of profits from the sale of every Truvian is donated to local community-powered funds and relief initiatives in the localities that made them. Learn more.

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