Mom and Me

With good materials, inclusive design, and equitable commerce we're creating a force for shared value that we hope keeps circulating. 

Hi! my name is Aditi, and I founded Not Same, Equal®. with my mom who taught me my value came from how I am on the inside and not so much from what I look like on the outside and so, with this universal truth at its center we started Not Same, Equal® on a mission to find the good, and create value that supports the greatness of all people.

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With love,

With gratitude for - Shobhana Mukherjee, Gouri Shankar Mukherjee, Elliot Weiss, Jean Weiss, Aarushi Mukherjee, Stephen Weiss, Shanti Srivastava, Dr. Mary McBride, Vikas Satwalekar, M.P. Ranjan, Suresh Immanuel, Neelam Iyer, Siddhartha Ghosh, Aditi Ranjan, National Institute of Design, Pratt Institute, Alimohmed Jusab Node, Gayatri Jolly, Rijbana Bano, Rajni Maurya, Kahkeshan Alvi,  Herbal Fab, Vishal Malhotra, Khamir, India Filings, Anjum Siddiqui, Arora Print, DHL, EcoEnclose, Fedex, KNR Shruti, Lalu, Lara Cattlin, MasterG India, Meghann Sandhu Rolston, Neeta Sharda, Nitin Sadana, SGI NYC Byakuren 2014, SGI Prospect Park District, Reno Collective, TEG Intl., Terrapass, USPS.


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