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Organic cotton is grown without using pesticides from seeds that are not genetically modified. The methodologies used to grow organic cotton use beneficial habitat planning to protect the groundwater quality, reduce pests and prevent the diseases that arise when ecosystems are artificially manipulated. By eliminating the use of toxic chemicals regularly used for manufacturing conventional cotton, organic cotton crops yield higher organic matter, thicker topsoil, reduce modulus rupture and the soil erosion that results from it. 

An original indigenous strain of organic old-world cotton from the Abdasa, Kutch region, this local variety is ecologically sustainable. Purely rain-fed, it thrives in arid conditions with a low water requirement. Due to its natural short staple length, this variety wasn't integrated with industrial textile machinery in the 70s, which resulted in its diminished use affecting the farming & soil eco-systems of the region.

A renewed awareness of customer patterns and the effects of climate change has provided an impetus to find value in this crop again. By utilizing traditional handloom systems, this old-world crop enables many organic farmers, ginners, spinners, natural-dyers, and weavers to come together and transform the soil, its eco-system, and this gloriously tenacious raw material into beautiful organic textile.

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